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Thomas Ray Floyd was born in 1953 in Simpson County, Mississippi, the son of Roy Thomas Floyd and Lina Sue Shows Floyd. Thomas Ray's mother was a member of a Primitive Baptist church, and he cut his teeth on the doctrines of distinguishing grace.

When he was a small boy, his father was converted to Christ and became a member of a Missionary Baptist Church. Thomas Ray joined the church of his father when he was 13 years old, and thought of himself as a Christian. The doctrines of grace that he had heard as a child continued to be precious to him and when he became an adult, he joined a Primitive Baptist Church. When he was 27, Thomas Ray made his first effort to preach the gospel in public and was ordained to the full functions of the ministry in 1985. In 1986 he was convinced under the preaching of Rolfe Barnard (by tapes from Mt. Olive Tape Library), the written sermons of Spurgeon, and the ministry of Elder Zack Guess that he had been a false professor and cried out in agony of soul to the Lord Jesus Christ to have mercy and truly save him. And He did! Floyd then began to preach the gospel as he had been taught of the Lord.

Floyd has pastored churches in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee and until recently was pastor of a church plant known as "Particular Baptist Fellowship." He and his wife Brenda presently attend Zion Baptist Church at Polkville, Mississippi, pastored by Elder Glen Hopkins. The pulpit ministry of Zion Baptist Church can be heard at Sermonaudio.com.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

(Article for publication week of 3-6- AD 2014)
"Therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly, that God hath made that same Jesus, Whom ye have crucified, both Lord and Christ" (Acts 2:36).
When Peter was preaching on the Day of Pentecost he confronted his hearers with the real issue that we all face- the Lordship of Christ. I would have you know assuredly that same Christ is still your rightful Lord. God the Father hath given to His Coequal and eternal Son, crown rights over everything and everybody. Dear Reader, there is one Lord of the universe, and it is not you.
Note well, it is God the Father Who hath made His Son Lord. As dear old Rolfe Barnard used to say, (in response to folks who claimed they had finally made Christ their Lord) "you can't make Christ your Lord, God the Father has beat you to it"! Christ possessed the same glory as God from eternity, but He undertook a great humiliation, and Now God the Father hath bestowed upon Him the honour of Lordship (Philippians 2:5-11). Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who is truly God, and truly Man, lived a sinless life, and died a disgraceful death to atone for the sins of His elect people. God the Father is well pleased with His Son's work and raised Him from the dead. Now He is ascended back to His rightful throne where He rules and reigns over everything and everybody.
Now this is the issue that you and I face- who is Lord? My friends the issue is not whether you were dipped or sprinkled. The issue is not whether you are congregational, or Presbyterian, or Episcopal. The issue is not whether you are Calvinist or Arminian. The issue is not whether you are a premillenarian, or a postmillenarian, or an amillenarian. The issue is not whether you are a conservative, or a liberal, or a middle -of- the- roader. The issue is not whether you are a Republican, or Democrat, or Constitutionalist, or Libertarian, or an Independent. All these things may have their rightful place, but they are secondary to the ONE GREAT ISSUE- who is Lord?
I want you to know that Christ is Lord. He bought you and the whole universe, lock, stock, and barrel by His life, death, burial , resurrection, and present session. You don't "accept" a Lord; you bow down to Him. Christ is not begging you to open the door of your heart and let Him in. Friend, you don't "let" a Lord do anything. I will tell you what Christ does. He DEMANDS that you bow down to Him, and worship Him and obey Him. It is a wonderful thing to worship and obey Christ because you love Him. This is what it means to be saved. Those of you who are not saved are bound and determined to live like you want , and do things your own way. Your "lord" is yourself, the world and the devil. But mark it down neighbour, the time will come when King Jesus is going to knock you off your high horse and force you to bow down to Him, and confess that He is the Lord. Every knee shall bow to Christ, and every tongue shall confess that He is Lord. Those who do so now because they love Christ will enter into His eternal glory with Him. Those who are forced to bow by His omnipotence at the day of judgment will face Him forever as their Lord to punish them forever in hell.
How is it with you dear reader? Are you bowing to Christ as Lord now because you love Him? Or will you be forced into submission by Christ at the final Day? My Lord is not a beggar, and His true preachers are not beggars. We are not begging anyone to "accept Jesus." What we do when we preach is to assert the Crown Rights of our Lord and demand that you repent of your rebellion against Him. May He have mercy upon you.

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